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Safe for people and the planet, our products are formulated with natural, cruelty-free ingredients to remove the the use of parabens, sulfates, and other skin-irritating synthetics.

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Nontoxic | Vegan | Cruelty Free

Prolyfe skincare and beauty products steer clear of parabens, uphold cruelty-free practices, remain sulfate-free, and embrace a vegan approach offer a multitude of benefits. Foremost, the exclusion of parabens from our products underscores our commitment to user health and safety, given concerns about potential risks associated with these common preservatives.

In addition, the ethical considerations come to the forefront with cruelty-free formulations, as we bypass animal testing, resonating with those who champion animal rights. Furthermore, the sulfate-free nature of our products demonstrates an environmental responsibility, as sulfates can negatively impact aquatic life when washed down the drain.

Last but not least, the vegan-friendly aspect of our products aligns with are ethical values, ensuring that no animal-derived ingredients are used. Ultimately, our product characteristics cater to a diverse range of our customer preferences, allowing individuals to make choices that reflect their values and skin care needs.

Prolyfe skincare
Prolyfe skincare
Prolyfe nontoxic vegan skincare
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Prolyfe Products are made with quality Ingredients.

We believe in providing our customers with the best products with quality & safe ingredients. 10% of our sales go to supporting charitable programs.

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